It is well known that  different fashion trends are imposed by the most famous and recognized artists of music, cinema, and beautySince ancient times, these trends reflect the culture, history, and experiences of a certain social or geographic group. Some fashions may be fleeting or last oven time, taking on different meanings. Some go for them because it displays a high social or cultural level, while for others, they are good luck charms. In terms of teeth, the first records of dental grillz were in 2500 BC. They were worn for the same reasons as now: as a symbol of status, money, and power. DENTAL GRILLZ DENTAL GRILLZ 

What Are Dental Grillz?

Dental grillz are a type of tooth cap artifact very similar to a crown. In fact, they can be considered as jewelry. They are usually  custom-made for the patient by means of different impression techniques that allow the dentist to create an identical model of the patient’s mouth and teeth. In modern times, some practices have started to use more sophisticated machines that make use of scans of the patient’s mouth. However, there has also been a great increase in these devices (or jewelry) in virtual stores such as Amazon as well as physical stores. They may promote a standard size dental grillz, and although the price may be attractive, they are considered as completely harmful to  oral tissues. Thus, a dental professional will always be necessary if you insist on having these jewels in your mouth.

Characteristics And Differences With Dental Crowns

  • Material: grillz are made of different precious metals such as gold or silver, and they can be covered with small stones such as diamonds or quartz, giving them shine and color. This will directly influence the price of the grillz. We must remember that it is important to use biocompatible materials in their manufacture, and these materials must be approved by the American Dental Association.
  • Permanence: Grillz are removable, i.e. they can be taken out when eating or sleeping and can be used as required. In addition, they can be permanent, similar to dental crowns. There would need to be some wear on the surface of the tooth to be able to cement it. This is a good reason why it is not very indicated since it would be damaging a completely healthy tooth.
  • Objective: Crowns, unlike grillz, have as their purpose, above all, the rehabilitation of the patient; that is to say, restoring the functionality of one or more of theteeth. For example, many teeth acquire  caries that weaken the structure of the tooth. A simple restoration with resin could fail and cause the fracture of the tooth and a need for subsequent extraction. In this case, the placement of a crown would be the ideal treatment, and the tooth will become functional again. On the other hand, grillz are used for esthetics and pure fashion. 
  • Color: Grillz can be the color of the metal used to make them, but  a pop of color can be added by placing small diamonds or quartz. Crowns usually need to be as esthetic as possible, that is, they should be the same color as the surrounding natural teeth. Sometimes, all-metal crowns are used, but these are indicated for the back teeth of the mouth since they are  more resistant and make chewing more efficient.
  • Indications: dental crowns are indicated when the function of a tooth has been affected, that is to say, it needs to be reconstructed. Other indications are to correct the altered esthetics of a tooth or after treatments such as endodontics, where the tooth has been weakened. On the other hand, grillz are generally placed at the request of the patient for the reasons mentioned above.
  • Adaptation: with the use of grillz, unlike crowns, it will not be necessary to wear the tooth surface to create space since they generally go over the teeth, simulating a sheath. On the other hand, to place a crown, it will be necessary to manufacture wear or a carving away of the tooth surface to create space. n.hey should not be uncomfortable or create any bulge since when they are installed at the level of the other teeth. This  helps in hygiene because the closure between teeth will be eliminated  without  space left between them since this could cause food retention and later caries or gingival diseases.

How Does It Affect Oral Health?

The change in blood flow that occurs with high blood pressure can alter the flow of electrolytes and other types of exchanges  in the mouth through its capillaries. A dry mouth is the product of  saliva whose components facilitate the process of metabolism and the digestion of nutrients. food and medicine. This is also affected when the kidneys do not work properly. Therefore, the concentration and electrolyte exchange changes in the body can affect the composition of saliva and its pH, making it become more acidic or basic. Sometimes it affects tooth enamel. DRY MOUTH DRY MOUTH DRY MOUTH DRY MOUTH

Disadvantages Or Dangers

  • Food retention: it is very likely that grillz cause food retention Although they are custom-made, the teeth are not worn down so there will always be a space  where food debris is easily retained.
  • Self-cleaning: Self-cleaning is the natural cleaning process of teeth, having protagonists like the saliva and tissues that surround them, such as the lips, tongue, and cheeks. This process helps keep the tooth surface clean of large, loose debris. By having grillz on the teeth, with the surface being not very smooth or rough due to the presence of diamonds or quartz, this process will not occur normally. On the other hand, metals in the mouth with time tend to go from a smooth surface and become rough. This includes metal crowns, so a polishing will be necessary from time to time, as the rough surface contributes to the retention of food debris.
  • Caries and gingival disease: both will occur after long-term food retention. According to the American Academy of Periodontology, the first symptom of gingivitis, which you might notice, is a slight gum inflammation and bleeding when eating or brushing your teeth, accompanied by a change in gum color from coral pink to a bright, intense red. If the retention of food continues, it is likely that below this, a process of demineralization of the tooth surface will begin, and the tooth will begin to decay.
  • Difficulty in speaking: as a type of crown in which the tooth surface is not worn down to create a space, it will cause a slight bulging between the teeth and lips, making it difficult to pronounce certain words, which time may help to adapt.

Considerations And Care

  • Dental: although many musicians, artists, or athletes have spent millions of dollars on their grillz, some people, especially the young who try to imitate this fashion find them easily and quickly on networks or jewelry stores. They not trained to color these artifacts in the mouth, and they could cause damage to oral tissues and consequently the loss of teeth.
  • Food: it is advisable not to eat with grillz in place since food can easily accumulate, for the reasons mentioned above, and cleaning will be difficult, resulting in dental caries and periodontal diseases. If you have removable grillz, it is recommended to remove them before eating and put them back on afterwards.
  • Cleaning: as they are made of different textured and rough surfaces, a rigorous and delicate cleaning will be necessary, as the stones or metal can easily be damaged. Your doctor will recommend  rinses, such as chlorhexidine as approved by the American Dental Association. This will always keep the grillz clean and disinfected when  out of your mouth and also  sanitize them once you have them in.
  • Maintenance: It is likely that after some time, grillz, especially those made entirely of metal, take on a less shiny and somewhat rough appearance. It will be necessary to return to the office to polish them or give them the care needed at the time.

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