The importance of reducing problems in the treatment of deviated teeth alignment is to identify malocclusion in time; hence, the importance of acquiring basic knowledge of the proper growth of the jaw and the formation of teeth. This is something that every parent should know to help identify future problems in the chewing function.

Bad Occlusion

It is known as a bad position or deviation of the tooth when it comes out or completes its eruption in the oral cavity,  then adjusts for inappropriate bite, not achieving the correct chewing and swallowing of food.

Factors that cause malocclusion

  • Abnormal eruption more or fewer teeth
  • Eruption of teeth with small or large
  • Eruption of teeth from areas out of place

How do I identify malocclusion in my child?

  • Checking the size of the upper and lower jaw is very important as it will inform the dentist of the severity of the deviation that may occur in the future. Thus,  the importance of knowing preventive dentistry. 
  • Be aware of bad dental habits such as thumb sucking
  • Loss of teeth at an early age due to decayed teeth
  • Due to trauma, blows to the teeth, fractures, or total loss of the tooth due to a fall or accident

Why Is It Important To Identify Malocclusion Early?

Identifying malocclusion early helps prevent oral health problems that can appear over time. It is important to go to the dentist to identify if it is necessary to act with interceptive or corrective orthodontics.

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What Is Preventive Orthodontics?

This is the specialty that  monitors a  different bite or malocclusion in order to take action before the appearance of any deviation or irregularity. The diagnosis  tells  the dentist what is likely  to occur.


At What Age Is Preventive Dentistry Applied?

The approximate age is four to seven years of age, at the eruption of the primary dentition, or milk teeth.

What Is Interceptive Orthodontics?

We focus on early craniofacial growth to correct malocclusions and detect problems in order to intercept or prevent them. It may be with the help of removable or fixed appliances, after the specialist’s assessment.

Calendar of primary tooth eruption milk

  •  6 to 10 months lower central incisors
  •  8 to 12 months maxillary
  •  9 to 13 months lower and upper lateral incisors
  •  10 to 16 months premolars
  •  16 to 20 months canines
  •  20 to 30 months second premolars

What Are The Advantages Of Preventive Orthodontics?

  • Fewer long-term complications
  • Decrease in treatment time
  • Decrease in the cost of orthodontic treatment
  • Less painful in the orthodontic process

Why Do Parents Play An Important Role In Assessing Tooth Growth?

Parents play a very important role in preventing the improper growth of teeth and in the early identification of any deviation or poor dental formation. This helps avoid complex orthodontics in the adult patient. Parents know the importance of brushing for the care of their children’s teeth and gums. They must reinforce hygiene habits such as night brushing, low sugar consumption, and periodic dental check-ups to ensure proper health.

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